3/4 Iron Triathlon for Bart and Kelly

Last month, Bart Algozzini Sr was in a serious accident in which he sustained major burns on over 80% of his body. After multiple successful surgeries, he is in good spirits, but is still in the ICU. His wife, Kelly, was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer mere days before Bart's accident. She is currently going through chemotherapy and radiation. Their son, Bart Jr. has been a member of ours for 9 years now. For more updates visit their page at https://www.gofundme.com/f/bart-and-kelly-algozzini-medical?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet&fbclid=IwAR16r1OWuef1APHUzuTvN7kxrtvVE9Ku704r3W4nog0QpcgbgR_Ql70bsdM
When: Saturday September 21st

Time: Women's Heat Sessions Starts at 7:30am and 9am, Men's Sessions Starts at 10:30 and 12

Teams: This will be Teams of 3 of the Sex (F/F/F) and (M/M/M)

Cost: $75.00 per team (Only $25.00 a person)

Where: CrossFit Absecon- 24 New Jersey Avenue, Absecon, NJ, 08201

The WOD:

3/4 Iron Triathalon



Bench Press

Squat Clean

60 min Cap

The Rules:

- Each Teammate Starts at a Different Lift

- Every teammate will complete the lift then rotate when all teammates are finished the 1st lift. Then they complete the same amount of reps at the next lift, and the next lift.

- You advance to the next round when everyone finishes all 3 lifts in the same round.

For example.

In the first round, all teammates must complete 1 rep at each lift. When each teammate is finshed, they rotate to the next lift and complete 1 rep. When each teammate is finished again, they rotate and complete 1 rep. Then they rotate back to their orignal stations and complete 2 reps. This is repeated until the team finishes the round of 15 reps at each station

The Weights

Mens Rx
Dl 225
Bp 185
Clean 135

Womens rx
Dl 155
Bp 100
Clean 85

Mens scaled
Dl 185
Bp 135
Clean 95

Womens scaled
Dl 115
Bp 65
Clean 45

***Each Session is Capped at 5 Teams so ACT FAST!!!***